Industrial roof waterproofing

Waterproofing work on new industrial flat roofs by installing synthetic membranes or bitumen.

Special features

The Vincent Piront company is accredited for the installation of SIKA waterproofing membranes.


We are able to install different types of waterproofing for your industrial building’s flat roof; both in synthetic membrane (PVC, TPO, EPDM) and bitumen. We specialize in laying PVC membranes. They offer clean finishes, technical performance (linked to the type of membrane used), durability, good aesthetics and quick execution.


Our achievements, covering industrial halls, warehouses, shopping complexes, sports centres and stadiums, attest to our expertise and know-how for your construction or renovation projects.



Drawing on our extensive experience in the waterproofing of the flat roofs of industrial buildings, we closely monitor your projects, from the design phase to the build phase and maintenance.


Vincent Piront SA constantly seeks out innovation in all of its business activities. This mindset enables us to stand out in our business sector and offer our clients the best technical solutions.

Step 1

Analysis and costing of the project

Once we have received the client’s file, we will carry out a study on any improvements to be made to the basic guidelines.


Recommended types of insulation


We can recommend variants and optional extras for the specific type of insulation (PIR, EPS, rock wool, cellular glass) and waterproofing (PVC, TPO, EPDM, bituminous waterproofing), whether mechanically fixed or bonded.


In-depth analysis of your needs


For each site, we carry out a technical study based on the composition of the flat roof, geared to

  • its support system
  • the client’s specific requirements
  • the most suitable choice of membrane
  • the layout plan
  • the type of finish appropriate for the structure


Waterproofing the flat roofing of an industrial building is often accompanied by the installation of new or reinforced thermal insulation.


We provide you with a detailed costing for your project, scrupulously respecting your requirements.

Step 2

Realisation of the project

Once you have approved the quote, we will begin the build phase of your project.


Site management coordination


Our managers and foremen will provide technical support during this stage.


Working with you, they will define the specific resources and structures for the site in terms of access, storage, safety and working hours. Safety is never neglected. Our managers will make sure to go over this key aspect with your project manager and/or safety adviser.


Execution times and respect of deadlines


In this type of industrial activity, execution times are often a key element in the success of a project. These will be carefully analysed together with the team responsible for construction of the building. Our teams have been trained to scrupulously respect the deadlines we commit to.

Step 3

Finalisation of the site

You and/or your architect will be present at the final completion of the works.


Warranty and post-renovation management


Only after the works have been completed will we send you the ten-year warranty from the waterproofing membrane manufacturer and a proposal for a yearly or two-yearly maintenance contract depending on the roof’s exposure and your business activity.

Step 4

After-sales service

Great customer service is always accompanied by an after-sales service. Your industrial building’s roofing requires periodic maintenance; this task can be managed by our after-sales service.


Ensuring the durability of your industrial roofing


Rerpairs, modifications and technical advice are everyday matters for our after-sales service. You will be sent an action report after each intervention.

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