Our latest news

Our latest news


La force d'un savoir-faire local pour la toiture de Liège Expo

Si les images de synthèse des architectes ont d’abord montré un complexe digne d’un vaisseau spatial sorti de Star Wars, la réalité économique a fait revenir tout le monde sur terre.

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Pourquoi est-il important d'analyser l'état de sa toiture industrielle avant la pose de vos panneaux photovoltaïque?

La société Enersol, spécialisée en photovoltaïque, nous a mandaté pour analyser et chiffrer le renouvellement de la toiture industrielle de la Laiterie de Walhorn en vue de l'installation de panneaux photovoltaïques.

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Carrying out waterproofing and insulation of the MD roof in Waremme

Our teams carried out the insulation and waterproofing work on the industrial roof of MD Waremme, with an area of ​​2,500 m².

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Carrying out waterproofing and insulation of the roof Liege Expo

Our teams have started work to insulate and waterproof the roof of Liège Expo. In total, 17,000 m² of surface area will be built, including 7,250 m² in the acoustic complex.

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Construction of the FAYMONVILLE Trailers to the MAX industrial roof in Bullange

In collaboration with the company Willy Naessens BELGIË / BELGIQUE, we are waterproofing the 3000m² roof

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News from our IBV site in Vielsalm

News from our IBV construction site in Vielsalm in collaboration with Eloy Group and Biemar & Biemar - Design Office - Architects.

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Realization of the insulation of the industrial roof - IBV in Vielsalm

Large-scale construction in progress at IBV in Vielsalm of 14,540m².

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The condition of your flat roof is an element that significantly affects the value of your property

The flat roof of your industrial building is an essential element that is important to maintain regularly.

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Industrial flat roof renovation

The flat roof of your industrial building is an essential element that must be maintained. It is possible that it will have to be renovated in order to anticipate possible damage and significant water ingress.

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Analyzing the condition of your industrial roof before placing the photovoltaic panels...obvious!

Is your goal to save energy by reducing your heat loss or to prepare the roof for the installation of future photovoltaic panels?

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Industrial roof insulation: what you need to know

The industrial roof of your building is an element that is too often overlooked. It is closely linked to the value of your property and your energy consumption.

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How to save on your energy budget?

Save money on your energy budget! SA Vincent Piront specializes in reinforcing the insulation of industrial buildings.

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