Discover our services in industrial roofing renovation, new roof design, cladding and acoustic solutions.

Here at Vincent Piront, we specialise in both renovating and replacing roofing on industrial buildings.

Thanks to our many years of experience and the hundreds of renovations we have
done throughout Belgium and France, our specialised teams offer innovative solutions to ensure that your properties—storage facilities, production shop floors, warehouses, shopping centres or other commercial spaces, car showrooms, and so on—will be renovated to the very highest standards.

Construction of a new industrial building, and installation of a new roof

We design and install new industrial roofing on buildings of all types:
production plants, storage facilities, shopping centres or other commercial spaces, car
showrooms, logistics centres, and so on.

Once you have got in touch with us, we follow up with a rigorous process that allows us to offer, and then implement, the best techniques.

Cladding on industrial buildings

We specialise in installing cladding on industrial buildings and other large commercial spaces. Cladding is suitable for all substrates, and comprises the panelling, along with the thermal and acoustic insulation, on the façades of industrial buildings.

Acoustic insulation

Here at Vincent Piront, we specialise in acoustic insulation for industrial buildings. But that’s not all—far from it. Our expertise has allowed us to carry out the acoustic insulation of really large buildings such as stadiums and airports.