Lining and insulation of industrial buildings using cladding.

The Vincent Piront Company also specialises in the installation of industrial cladding.

Our combined expertise in both roofing and industrial cladding allows us to offer our clients a complete range of services while ensuring efficient execution of your works.

We have our own design offices and use a computer database to optimise the execution of your works. We principally use only steel sheets of approved quality, purchased from European industry leaders.

We are very rigorous when it comes to the preparation and execution of your works, paying special attention to the quality of the finishes. Deadlines are also priority issues for us, and we work hard to ensure they are met.

With a high degree of expertise, resulting from of our long record of experience in waterproofing of roofs and industrial cladding, we closely manage your projects: from design through to installation and maintenance.

Step 1

Project and cost analysis

Once we have received our client’s specifications, we carry out an analysis of possible improvements. We suggest variations and options. Finally, we provide as detailed a quotation as possible of the project.

Step 2

Project Drawings

On receipt of your order, we draw-up detailed layout plans, which we subsequently submit to you and your architect for approval.

Step 3

Implementation and completion of the works

We then implement your project according to the plans that we have submitted and the approved details. Our project and site managers then ensure close technical monitoring of your project. Following completion, the handover of your project will take place in your presence and/or that of your architect.