Renovation of the waterproofing and insulation of industrial roofs.

Renovation of roofing on commercial and factory buildings

Here at Vincent Piront, we specialise in both renovating and replacing roofing on industrial buildings. Thanks to our many years of experience and the hundreds of renovations we have done throughout Belgium and France, our specialised teams offer innovative solutions to ensure that your properties—storage facilities, production shop floors, warehouses, shopping centres or other commercial spaces, car showrooms, and so on—will be renovated to the very highest standards.

Innovation is our main priority

Vincent Piront SA constantly seeks out innovation in all of its business activities. This mindset enables us to stand out in our business sector and offer our clients the best technical solutions.

Our mission

Our expertise enables us to provide you with appropriate solutions for the waterproofing and insulation of your building that are adapted to your technical and budgetary requirements.

Renovation of flat roof waterproofing

Various technical solutions are available depending on the characteristics of the structure and the waterproofing system. This waterproofing can be: PVC, TPO, Bituminous waterproofing, EPDM mechanically fixed or bonded. The technical characteristics of your industrial roofing and, in particular, the height of the waterproofing upstand will also enable us to advise you on the type and thickness of the insulation recommended for the renovation.

Our proven method

Once you have got in touch with us, we follow up with a rigorous process that allows us to offer, and then implement, the best techniques.

Step 1

We do in-depth analyses, both of the roof that is to be renovated and of your objectives

Perhaps you simply want to replace the roofing on your factory building, or have the waterproofing renewed—or you might want an entire building insulated anew. Or maybe the challenge for you is to realise energy savings by keeping as much heat inside the building as possible, or to get the roof ready for the upcoming installation of solar panels. Our experts consider your needs carefully and focus on sustainable building renovation that necessarily entails top-quality thermal and acoustic insulation.

In addition, our experts scrupulously comply with specifications, whether these are drawn up by your technical manager, an engineering consultancy, or an architect.

Step 2

Advice on membrane roofing that meets your technical requirements

The second step consists in giving you advice on one and another kind of membrane roofing. Synthetic PVC and TPO waterproofing membranes—the kinds most widely recognised for industrial roofing—are easy to work with and install.

The unit of our company that specialises in renovating roofing primarily uses roof coverings from the SIKA brand, supplied by a renowned Swiss group that offers a really wide range of top-quality waterproofing membranes.

The choice of PVC and TPO membranes is based on complex structural analyses that are carried out by our top engineers. And we also take other parameters into consideration:

Step 3

Following up on your industrial-roofing renovation project

Our company has more than 30 industrial roofers, who work in several teams. Each team is headed by a team lead who has received in-depth training and who has demonstrated their knowledge of our trade and our in-house rules. The team leads are supported by a site foreman, who is responsible for monitoring every single roof-renovation project on a regular basis—at least once a week.

The site foreman is in turn supported by a site manager, who sees to administrative and financial follow-up and to the management of your project file.

Here at Vincent Piront, then, we guarantee top-quality work thanks to our knowledgeable and experienced teams, who can respond quickly and flexibly in order to meet your needs.

Step 4

After-sales service

Once the renovation work is completed, our after-sales service takes over, should you have any further requests, such as for the following:

  • creating an opening in a roof after it has been completed so as to add an air-conditioning system
  • readying a roof for a new solar-panel system
  • transforming and adapting the waterproofing to be done on a roof further to building modifications.