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Meat For You

  • 2019



  • 4157

    of roofing

  • SIKA


    light grey

Project's description

Roof renovation project for the Meat For You building in Haccourt.


We worked in several phases, which followed one another and were sequenced in accordance with the timing of interior renovations defined by our client.


For the side and front roofs of the building (1,057m²), our crews dismantled the existing sealing and rock wool insulation. New 80mm PIR insulation was placed and covered with a SIKA 15 G membrane.


A Sikaplan Walkway membrane traffic lane was also installed for regular travel across the roof.


For the 3.100m² hall, which did not require an insulation upgrade, a polyester geotextile system and a SIKA 15G membrane was recommended.



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