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How to save on your energy budget?

Save on Your Energy Budget!

SA Vincent Piront specializes in industrial building insulation reinforcement

To appreciate the relevance of this insulation enhancement, here's an example:

  • 🏢 Roof Surface: 2,000m²
  • 🌡️ Indoor Temperature: 20°C using natural gas (reference October 2022)
  • ☔️ Existing Insulation: 60mm rock wool
  • 🛡️ Added Insulation for Reinforcement: PIR 60mm (compliance with PEB regulations)
  • ✅ Savings after 10 years: 57,000€
  • 🔁 Investment Recovery: within 3 years

We can tailor this profitability calculation to your building's existing situation (roof surface, indoor temperature, type, and thickness of existing insulation). Don't hesitate any longer, contact us and start saving money!