Back to news Flat roof maintenance and renovation: an element that significantly affects the value of your property


The condition of your flat roof is an element that significantly affects the value of your property

Importance of Roof Waterproofing Renovation on Your Property's Value

The importance of regular maintenance of your industrial roof

The flat roof of your industrial building is an essential component that requires regular maintenance.

Neglecting your industrial roof can have an extremely negative impact on your operations, energy consumption, and/or the longevity of your building. A flat industrial roof requires at least annual maintenance.

Regular maintenance of your flat roof contributes to extending its lifespan, avoiding repair costs, and maintaining a safe and comfortable work environment for your employees.

Renovate Your Flat Roof

It's possible that the flat roof of your industrial building is facing specific issues such as water accumulation and membrane degradation. In this case, it might be time to renovate your flat roof.

Renovating your flat roof can not only help address current problems but also improve your building's energy performance and extend the lifespan of your roof.

SA Vincent Piront specializes in flat roof renovation, insulation reinforcement, and maintenance of roofs for industrial buildings. Various materials can be considered for replacing your industrial flat roof: PVC membrane, bituminous, EPDM, or TPO.

A Profitable Investment

Investing in the maintenance and renovation of your industrial roof might seem costly, but it can prove to be a profitable investment. Enhancing the insulation of flat roofs is now considered a short-term profitable investment due to energy costs. A well-insulated industrial roof helps maintain your building's energy efficiency, leading to significant energy savings. Additionally, a renovated roof can increase your property's value by 15 to 20%, along with enhancing your company's image.

SA Vincent Piront offers a profitability assessment for this investment, taking into account the specific criteria of your building's existing insulation.

Our technicians are at your disposal for a thorough analysis of the different solutions available to you for renovating your flat roof and reinforcing its insulation.


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