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Industrial flat roof renovation

The flat roof of your industrial building is an essential element

The flat roof of your industrial building is an essential element that must be maintained. It is possible that it will have to be renovated in order to anticipate possible damage and significant water ingress.

❌ Neglecting your flat roof can have an extremely negative impact on your business, your energy consumption and/or the sustainability of your building. An industrial flat roof requires annual maintenance, at a minimum.

✅ SA Vincent Piront specializes in the renovation of flat roofs, the reinforcement of insulation and the maintenance of roofs of industrial buildings. Different materials are possible for the replacement of your flat roof: PVC membrane, bituminous, EPDM or TPO.

Reinforcing the insulation of flat roofs is now considered a profitable investment in the short term given the cost of energy. SA Vincent Piront offers you a calculation of the profitability of this investment which includes the specific criteria for the insulation of your building.

Our technicians are at your disposal for an in-depth analysis of the various solutions available to you for the renovation of your flat roof and the strengthening of its insulation.

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