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Frunshopping – Bertrix

Imminent Opening of Bertrix's Frunshopping Commercial Complex

The construction site located in Bertrix, in the province of Luxembourg, is nearing completion for our teams. After the installation of the 13,000m² roof, we are concluding our mission for Dedeyne Construct NV with the placement of an almost 2,000m² translucent cellular polycarbonate canopy.

Our teams first worked on the roof from September 2019 to mid-January 2020. The construction site was organized into several phases, corresponding to the progress of different building blocks.

The composition of the roof is as follows:

  • 0.88mm white galvanized steel tray;
  • 120mm PIR insulation with aluminum surface;
  • Mechanically fixed SIKA 15G membrane.

No less than 49 smoke extraction skylights of 160x280cm were installed.

The construction site resumed in mid-March for 4 weeks dedicated to setting up the canopy on the different blocks. A technical and architectural challenge was faced to adhere to the lines defined by the architect.

Prior to this, a complete study of this canopy was carried out by our designer to propose the best possible options to the architect and the client and to meet technical and architectural expectations. Production of 32mm translucent polycarbonate panels, 1 meter in width, and in the three chosen colors was specially initiated in Switzerland for this project.