Civil engineering

Waterproofing options adapted for civil engineering structures.

The waterproofing of civil engineering structures is a key part of our activity. Every structure requires specific waterproofing solutions which the Vincent Piront Company has the capabilities to identify.

We have considerable experience of waterproofing for tanks, swimming pools, reservoirs, lining and waterproofing for petroleum-based products, underground structures, etc.
In order to best meet your requirements, we carry out specific analysis, in collaboration with engineers from the Sika company. This analysis allows us to execute your project having taken all the relevant technical requirements into account.

We closely monitor the progress of works on all our sites, providing a high level of technical expertise to our clients on these types of structures which have specific waterproofing requirements.

Step 1

Project and cost analysis

We analyse our clients’ projects so that they can benefit from our expertise and we can suggest possible options for any improvements. We then prepare a detailed quotation for your project.

Step 2

Carrying out the project

On receipt of your order, we begin the implementation phase of your project. Our project and site managers then ensure close technical monitoring of your project.

Step 3

Final phase of works

We hand over your project in your presence and/or that of your architect. At that point, if requested and specified in the original quotation, seam tests may be carried out, under vacuum or flooding conditions, in order to test the quality of the installation.

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