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Renowatt – IPEA

La Reid
  • 2018-2019



  • 1350

    of roofing

  • roof


    translucent panels

Project's description

Renovation of the roof of Building 4 of the Provincial Institute of Agronomic Education in La Reid.


This renovation is part of the RENOWATT project. This pilot project, supported by the European Union, focuses on energy renovation for public buildings in the province of Liège. The goal is an average reduction of 35% in energy consumption and a reduction in the carbon footprint.

For this site in La Reid, the roof renovation project was entrusted to us by the Wust company.


Stage 1: disassembly and disposal of old corrugated panels and existing translucent sheeting.


Stage 2:  Installation of the new saw-tooth roofing comprised of sandwich and polycarbonate panels

To retain the succession of slopes, our teams installed 876 m² of light grey sandwich panels of a thickness of 120 mm.

The remaining 475 m² were covered with thermo-efficient translucent panels. These admit natural light into the buildings.


This project is not the only one in the RENOWATT portfolio.

The Wust company has actually put its confidence in us since 2017. In three years, we have renovated over 8,000 m² of roofing on different buildings located in Verviers, Liège, Rocourt and Grivegnée.


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