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  • 04/11/2019

    WDP – Dudelange

The WDP project launched in mid-August is nearing completion.

Our teams are finalising the installation of the roof system for the fourth and final unit of this 25,200 m² building.

This project was divided into four stages, each representing the completion of a 6,300 m² unit.


We installed the following system: 0.2 mm PE vapour barrier, 140 mm PIR insulation and SIKA 1.5 waterproofing membrane fitted mechanically.


No less than 143 skylights and hatches were installed in this roof.


The warehouse is located within the EUROHUB SOUTH logistics park.


This project in this new business park was entrusted to us by the Willy Naessens company.

This is not the only project we have carried out in this zone.

We also installed the roofing for CFL Multimodal (28,000 m²) and the cladding (6,500 m²) and roofing (26,800 m²) for the WDP1 warehouse designed for Auchan — a project commissioned to us by Stadsbader.    In addition, we have just started work on the storage hall of the Arthur Welter company.


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