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  • 24/08/2018

    Flexport – Bierset

Phase 1

We carried out the 12,000m² of roofing for this first storage building on the Liège airport site for the Montea real estate group.


This roofing complex: vapour barrier, 140mm PIR insulation and TPO 1.5mm Firestone membrane (demanded by the customer).


There were numerous constraints due to safety and location.  The area was highly exposed to winds and aircraft going overhead, our teams had to pay special attention to ballasting material stored on the roof, as the runways were right next to the work location.

From a handling point of view, we could not use cranes over 30 metres high. So we adapted our logistics with machines of less reach and multiplied the drop points on the roof.


The customer has reaffirmed its confidence in our teams with the second phase of the project, 12,000m² as well, starting in mid-October.


Materials : 

Vapour barrier, 140mm PIR insulating, light grey 1.5mm Firestone membrane


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