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  • 18/06/2020

    Falcon – Grand-Bigard

Renovation of an arched zinc roof with a PVC membrane standing seam roof.

For this renovation of an arched zinc roof with a standing seam on an office building located in Grand-Bigard, SA Jacques Delens has chosen our PVC standing seam roofing system.


In fact, our company has developed and patented this standing seam method using a PVC membrane + profiles. The appearance of zinc, copper or metal is preserved while guaranteeing speed of execution and all the advantages of a synthetic membrane (no expansion noise or rain on the material; design without particular ventilation; condensation problems avoided).


Our teams proceeded to dismantle and to evacuate this existing zinc roof. Then, they implemented the new 400m² complex composed as follows:
• an alu vapor barrier: Sarnavap 5000;
• insulation: double layer rock wool 100 mm + 60 mm;
• a SIKA VG 1.5 membrane (Broof T3 fire resistant) mechanically fixed;
• the light gray PVC finishing standing seams.


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